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UCC Toronto is proud to introduce its new and improved website!

Our new website takes advantage of many modern web technologies, which will make it easier for us to keep you up-to-date regarding the latest community news and events. In particular, the new website will enjoy close integration with Facebook, to make finding and RSVPing to events much easier than ever before.

At the same time, the new website is designed to be accessible from your desktop computer, tablets and smart phones.

A new community calendar has been integrated into the website, which will provide much richer descriptions of upcoming events. You can let us know about your member organization’s upcoming events using our event submission form.

Similarly, our news is now dynamically updated and better organized. As with events, you can let us know about important news concerning your member organization using our news submission form.

Finally, our search box, located at the top right of the page, will make it easy to find anything you are looking for, anywhere on the site.

Best of all, this is just the beginning, and we look forward to introducing more new features in the coming weeks and months. We also welcome your feedback, which can be submitted to our contact e-mail address, info@ucctoronto.ca.