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UCC Toronto, along with parents of students and the administration of Josyf Cardinal Slipyj, St. Demetrius and St. Josaphat, propose the TCDSB incorporate language regarding the Eastern Rite schools into the draft secondary school attendance policy. We would ask for a statement which acknowledges the decades-long relationship of the Eastern Rite schools with three TCDSB secondary schools in Etobicoke – Bishop Allen Academy, Father John Redmond and Michael Power/St. Joseph – which have consistently taken in 90-95% of grade 8 graduates from the three Eastern Rite schools. The historical relationship with these schools has led to an appreciation, understanding and accommodation of Eastern Rite masses, religious feast days, traditions and holidays. By and large it is one of these three schools that is indeed the closest TCDSB school, and easiest to get to by public transit, to most of our students’ homes.

We would ask for the secondary school boundary policy to state that students graduating from the three Eastern Rite schools – Josyf Cardinal Slipyj, St. Demetrius and St. Josaphat – be able to continue to select from among three TCDSB secondary schools – Bishop Allen, Father John Redmond and Michael Power. We believe this will result in continued growth in enrolment at the Eastern Rite elementary schools as well as pull through enrolment into TCDSB secondary schools.