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Story by Nadia Prokopiw (Photos by Mykola Swarnyk)

Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Ukraine’s capital city, Kyiv, and former world champion boxer, addressed the Toronto community last night at a packed Town Hall meeting organized by UCC-Toronto and UCC-National, at the Old Mill Inn. Taras Bahriy, President of UCC Toronto emceed the gathering and Pavlo Grod, President of UCC National introduced the Mayor.

Klitschko gave a passionate recap of what positive changes have already been implemented in his city and what his future plans include – transparent governance, an improved transportation structure, new schools, new parks. A man of big dreams, with high aspirations of making Kyiv a world class city and making Ukraine as great of a place to live in as Canada … just as he dreamt, as a scrawny little kid playing ball with his buddies, that one day he would win that championship belt. He understands the corruption problem and proclaimed that it’s everyone’s duty to fight against the inherent corruption. Furthermore, he would like to see Ukraine be more closely tied to the European Union and not Russia. On his mission, he feels that the greatest strike Ukraine can throw on their oppressors is for the country to success and prosper.