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Ukrainian war veterans will bike 10,000 km for peace in Canada and the USA

LOS ANGELES, May 23, 2018

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On May 23, 2018 a team of 10 Ukrainian cyclists and war veterans started its 10,000 km tour to raise awareness about the need for peace in Ukraine and in other places where civilians are currently under military attack.

Photo: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iVMawTI6s9jsGh4r4CI_HvoHKK6g-YuE

Video: https://youtu.be/mah00OnPK5I

“Just imagine how much more value a country without war could bring to the world. We need peace in Ukraine and in other attacked countries to realize their potentials and share their prosperity with the rest of the World”, says Kostiantyn Samchuk.

The transcontinental tour called “Chumak Way – cycle U.S. & Canada for Peace” started in Los

Angeles on May 23 and will end August 29 in Washington DC. From LA Chumak Way will travel some 10,000 km through 435 cities towns of the US and Canada (see attached itinerary).

The cyclists encourage civil society groups, veterans’ organizations, activists and other cyclists to join the tour at any point by contacting them at chumakway2018@gmail.com.

Chumak Way cycling tour is organized by non-profit Proidysvit.org led by Eastern Ukraine war veteran Kostiantyn Samchuk. The organization accepts donations to help families and orphans affected by war in Eastern Ukraine.


For more information contact:

Anna Dombrovska

Public Relations, USA & Canada

Chumak Way – Cycling U.S. & Canada for Peace


+1 (613) 219 1865

#ChumakWay2018 #BikeForPeace

Web-site: proidysvit.org

Twitter: @ChumakWay2018
Facebook: /ChumakWayAmerica
YouTube: /chumakwayamerica
Instagram: /ChumakWay2018
Strava: /ChumakWayAmerica     

Detailed route map and tracking: https://bit.ly/2jkhaIZ
Events dates and details:
Online donations: https://bit.ly/2KHSwOD


In perspective, to better understand Ukraine in context, to include Putin’s invasion and takeover of Crimea, persecution of Ukraine by rulers of Russia include:

  • Tsarist laws forbidding the Ukrainian language and expressions of Ukraine’s culture, punishable by imprisonment and sometimes death (Valuyev Circular of 1863, EMS Ukaz of 1876)
  • Stalin’s man-made famine of 1932-33 during which 7 million free Ukrainian farmers were starved to death.
  • Putin’s 2014 invasion of Eastern Ukraine and takeover of Crimea, has to date resulted in more than 10,000 deaths and millions of Ukrainian citizens being displaced.

Still, the Chumak Way Ukrainian cyclists are riding for Peace. Three of them are veterans of the current war in the Donbas coal regions of Eastern Ukraine.

After surviving two World Wars, Ukraine has been under attack of pro-Russian forces since 2014, soon after Russia illegally annexed Crimea in 2014. Russian aggression came as a reaction to the success of the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity (or EuroMaidan) when people of Ukraine revolted against the decision of corrupt government of Viktor Yanukovych not to sign cooperation agreement with the EU.

The Chumak Way cyclists took part in EuroMaidan revolution and were fighting at the frontline in Donbas. They witnessed real situation of the military conflict in Donbas and the shooting of peaceful protestors in Kyiv. Still, they believe in peaceful and prosperous future if their country and other countries that are under attack.

To demonstrate that Ukraine is moving forward despite the war, the Chumak Way team is bringing cycling innovations created in Ukraine such as longest range electric bike and super lightweight track bicycle. At the meetings organized in every majour city and town guests will have a chance to test drive the bikes, watch latest documentaries created by Ukrainian filmmakers, explore Ukraine as a travel destination, and talk to the cyclists about their cycling tour and cycling life.







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