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The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Toronto Branch (UCC – Toronto Branch) has 62 member organizations – listed below – that represent our community across a wide spectrum of interests. These organizations are separate entities and are represented in the UCC – Toronto Branch via their member representatives who elect a Board of Directors of the UCC – Toronto Branch at its Triennial General meeting.

The UCC – Toronto Branch shares the name “UCC” with a UCC National organization, six UCC Provincial Councils, and some 25 UCC Branches, who represent the Ukrainian Canadian Community across the country, as stipulated in Section 22 of the Constitution of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – National. Each of these bodies is a separate legal entity.

The UCC – Toronto Branch is a member of the UCC National. The UCC – Toronto Branch is also a member of the UCC Ontario Provincial Council, which in turn is also a member of the UCC National.

If your organization wishes to become a member of UCC – Toronto Branch, please familiarize yourself with the membership criteria, and submit a membership application.

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