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Euromaidan Canada is an initiative of UCC and UCC Toronto intended to serve as a central information resource for the Ukrainian-Canadian community with regard to current events in Ukraine.

The Euromaidan Canada movement originated in Toronto, not long after students in Kyiv started to assemble on the Maidan. An ad hoc committee was formed and planning around awareness events began. As the movement grew, it became an ad hoc committee of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and, today, events, awareness campaigns and information sessions are being organized by Euromaidan Canada committees across Canada in the name of the UCC.

The objectives of Euromaidan Canada are

  • To organize Ukrainian-Canadians around the Euromaidan movement under the auspices of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, representing 1.2 million Ukrainian Canadians
  • To raise awareness about the Euromaidan Movement in Canada, promoting the movement’s cause throughout the country
  • To help lobby the Canadian government to acknowledge and support Free, Fair and Democratic reform of the Ukrainian political system
  • To support the Euromaidan movement in Ukraine

You can visit the Euromaidan Canada website for the latest news, events and fundraising campaigns.