Who We Are

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) represents the Ukrainian Canadian community before the people and Government of Canada, promotes linkages with Ukraine, and identifies and addresses the needs of the Ukrainian community in Canada to ensure its continued development within Canada’s socio-cultural fabric.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Toronto Branch (UCC-Toronto) has 64 member organizations that represent our community across a wide spectrum of demographics and interests. These organizations are separate entities with their own members and are represented within UCC-Toronto via their member representatives who elect the Board of the UCC-Toronto.

There are currently over 1.2 million Canadians of Ukrainian background living in Canada, over 100,000 living in the City of Toronto and many more residing in the surrounding Greater Toronto Area.

Board of Directors

Our Board for the 2022-2024 term is pictured here. 
1st row: Sitting from left to right: Lesia Bonk, Ann Semotiuk, Taras Bahriy, Petro Schturyn, Lesya Winnicki, Nadia Prokopiw, Roksolana Buyak

2nd Row: Standing from left to right: Javier Aponiuk-Sawicz, Nataliya Halych, Lily Hordienko, Marta Huta, Luba Tarapacky, Marijka Stadnyk, Irene Solomon, Markian Shwec, Andrew Shwec, Alex Jemetz.

3rd Row: Standing from left to right: Nestor Sanajko, Roman Bonk, Taras Antoniw

Not present: Lesia Zelyk, Paul Horbal, Petro Kardasz, Oleksiy Slyepukhov, Lyubov Slavatynska, Nadia Sydorenko (office administrator), Cassandra Prokopiw (Audit Committee), Andrij Tarapackyj (Audit Committee), Orest Haluszka (Audit Committee).


Board of Directors


Schturyn, Peter


Bahriy, Taras

Past President

Antoniw, Taras

VP, Operations

Bonk, Lesia

VP, Operations

Semotiuk, Anna

VP, Administration

Stadnyk, Marijka

VP, External Affairs

Zelyk, Lesia

VP, Finance Internal Relations


Aponiuk-Sawicz, Javier


Bonk, Roman

Fundraising & Grants

Buyak, Roksolana

Government Relations “LINK” Liaison

Halych, Nataliya

Recording Secretary

Horbal, Paul


Hordienko, Lily

Youth & Volunteer

Huta, Marta

Holodomor Commemoration

Jemetz, Alex

Fundraising & Grants

Kardasz, Petro

Outreach Public Relations

Shwec, Andrew


Prokopiw, Nadia


Sanajko, Nestor


Shwec, Markian

Government Relations

Slavatynska, Lyubov

Member Organization Liaison

Slyepukhov, Oleksiy

Social Media & Communication

Solomon, Irene


Tarapacky, Luba

Special Events

Winnicki, Lesya

Remembrance Day


Prokopiw, Cassandra


Tarapackyj, Andrij

Haluszka, Orest


Kalymon, Olia

Board Nomination

Kuryliw, Valentyna

Holodomor Education

Kalymon, Taras

Education - Ukrainian Schools

Rewa, Oksana

Holodomor Memorial Project

IabIonskyi, Oleksandr

Ukrainian Sports Council

Aims & Objectives

The Board is supported by its member organizations and the community in its efforts to achieve the following goals and objectives:

  1. 1.

    To represent the Ukrainian Canadian Community in the Greater Toronto Area and all surrounding municipalities where no branch of the UCC exists to serve the needs of the Ukrainian Canadian Community.

  2. 2.

    To strengthen and co-ordinate the participation of Ukrainian Canadians in Canadian social and cultural life, based on democratic principles of justice, freedom and independence.

  3. 3.

    To promote the development of friendly and mutually beneficial relations between Canada and Ukraine.

  4. 4.

    To assist Ukraine in building an independent, united, and democratic state.

  5. 5.

    To plan and develop among Ukrainian Canadians sound community life in all its aspects.

  6. 6.

    To maintain, develop and enhance the Ukrainian culture and language as integral elements of the Canadian multicultural mosaic.

  7. 7.

    To carry on and assist in efforts for the improvement of the social, economic and cultural conditions of Ukrainian Canadians, and to cooperate with other agencies in rendering assistance to Ukrainian Canadian elderly, disadvantaged, youth, and Ukrainian immigrants, and refugees.

  8. 8.

    To promote the growth of a spirit of tolerance, understanding and goodwill between all segments of society within a multicultural Canada.