3 Week Online Pysanka-Making Workshop

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Begins on Tue, Apr 13, 2021 1:00 PM
Ends on Tue, Apr 27, 2021 2:30 PM

Online (Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre), 60 Richview Rd, Etobicoke

Event Type: Webinar

Event Description

Let's Make Pysanky!  3 Week Workshop Series

Tuesdays April 13, 20, 27



• Learn the popular Eastern European egg decorating technique called pysanka–batik method of dying where patterns and symbols are drawn onto an egg with hot wax, then the egg is submerged in colourful dyes

• Learn about some of the symbology of pysanky, such as a rake to ensure a successful harvest, a rooster to wish fertility, a cross to symbolize Christ's resurrection

• Explore using vinegar to etch away the surface parts of a brown eggshell covered in wax designs to reveal a unique duo-tone egg

• Do not worry if your egg breaks! The shell is delicate and more eggs can be decorated each year. This is the cycle of life–they say pysanky keep the world turning!


**Registration for 3 week series is FREE but supplies are extra. Please note if you need financial assistance on your registration form.**


Olenka Kleban is a lifelong pysankar (a person who makes pysanky). She started making pysanky from a young age under her mother's guidance and alongside her older siblings, spending quiet time every morning and evening  of Lenten season thinking of her loved ones as she draws designs of various good intentions for them. Olenka has been teaching others how to make pysanky for 15 years, as a solo teacher and together with her friends in Kosa Kolektiv arts group. She has taught pysanka workshops all over southern Ontario, in museums, shops, schools, churches, and care homes. In 2014 Olenka started experimenting with making dyes from kitchen scraps, and by today has developed a handful of trusty homemade recipes for pysanky. When she's not making pysanky, Olenka works as a mouldmaker for bronze sculpture production. She recently moved to San Diego, and is an active member of the Ukrainian community of California. 


Registration Form: https://forms.gle/jLnc8nTiQic957UJA

Event Location

Online (Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre)
60 Richview Rd
Etobicoke, M9A 5E4