Ukrainian Youth Ensembles Corp. (YMA)
Established in 1985


31 Hill Height Road Etobicoke, Unit 1
Toronto, Ontario
M8Y 1Y9


Tel: 416-896-5808

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Mission Statement

The Ukrainian Youth Ensembles (YMA) include the Levada Women’s Choir, the Orion Men’s Choir and the Vanguard Concert/ Marching Band. All are dedicated to preserving, promoting and building on the rich musical culture and traditions of their heritage; thereby contributing to the great cultural spectrum of our country, Canada.

Goals and Objectives

• To promote the arts in a fashion that contributes to Canada’s philosophy of multiculturalism by participating in various, multicultural, Ukrainian community and cultural events.

• To act as goodwill ambassadors of the Canadian philosophy of multiculturalism, by sharing our classical, contemporary, liturgical, martial, and folkloric repertoire with audiences throughout North America and Europe.

• To partner with different artistic groups in the community, in order to promote harmony and respect.

• To benefit many communities by presenting musical presentations to diverse audiences, to provide an enriching and rewarding cultural experience for both the performers and the communities.

• To promote aesthetic awareness and education by attempting to raise the artistic tastes of the public through musical performance.

• To strive for excellence in the performing arts and, thus, continually enhance the musical experience for Ensemble Members and the community.

• To provide a medium for the development and expression of the talents of our youth as performers, conductors, composers, technicians, administrators, and organizers.

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