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so that the petitions may be presented in the House of Commons.

Petitions require at least 25 signatures in order to be certified for presentation in the House of Commons. Print the Petition
   Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund Call for Submissions for Internee Descendant Representative 2014  Application form

Holodomor Workshop for Graduate Students and Early Career Scholars


The Holodomor Research and Education Consortium (HREC) announces the Holodomor Workshop, to be held in Toronto June 6-7, 2014. 


Approximately eight graduate students and early career scholars will be selected to discuss their work and exchange ideas in a workshop facilitated by professors Andrea Graziosi, University of Naples, and Olga Andriewsky, Trent University, with the participation of other senior scholars. Each session will be devoted to discussion of one paper. The workshop will be conducted in English. Room and board and travel expenses will be covered by HREC.


Deadline for applications and requirements:

HREC invites proposals from graduate students and early career scholars (i.e., those who have completed their doctoral degrees within the past five years) in relevant academic disciplines, including history, comparative genocide studies, literature, anthropology, cultural studies, psychology, demography, sociology, and law. Awards will be granted on a competitive basis.


To apply, please send a 250-500 word summary of the proposed paper together with a c.v. and one faculty recommendation to, subject line: Holodomor Workshop. The deadline for applications is March 15.


Applicants must commit to submitting a paper by May 23. Papers will be circulated among other participants in advance of the workshop. 


HREC is a project of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta. HREC promotes research on the Holodomor and works to ensure that the man-made famine of 1932–33 in Ukraine is represented in curricula.


For more information, contact Marta Baziuk at; 416 923-4732.

  • Інтерв’ю Петра Штурина, Віце Президента КУК-Торонто, та Тараса Кузьо (Канадійський Інститут Українських Студій) на CTV News 17 грудня 2013 р.
  • Markian Shwec, the organizer of a rally happening outside of Toront's Ukraine consulate, discusses how people's 'hearts are warm
  • President of the Ukranian Canadian Congress Paul Grod describes being among millions of protesters in the Ukraine 
  • Інтерв’ю Маркіяна Швеця, колишнього Президента КУК-Торонто, на CTV News 9 грудня 2013 р. щодо ситуації в Україні 

Вшанування жертв Голодомору в Україні 1932-33 рр.  відео
UCC-Toronto Remembrance Day 2012, Toronto Sun
Flavours of Ukraine, article
Вітання Голови КУК О. Реви на Всеканадській вчительській конференції
Святійшого Патріарха Київського і всієї Руси-України Філарета до Торонто
Вітання Голови КУК О. Реви
  Фото та деталі візиту

Дворічні звітно-виборчі збори КУК, відділ Торонто  відео 1, 2


Interview with Valentyna Kuryliv
Human Rights Museum under Fire (Radio Canada International)
All-Day Ukrainian Schools (Article by M. Shwec)
Збережімо для нащадків рідну мову на чужині 

Welcome to UCC-Toronto!

 The mandate of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Toronto Branch is to:


We believe this website helps us deliver against this goal by providing you with a window on our organization and the community we serve.

We continue to build our future on the basis of a very solid foundation developed and implemented by generations of Ukrainian Canadians before us.  The Congress has been serving the community for more than half a century and we continue to do so in an effective and inclusive manner.  We fulfill our mandate by coordinating and leading key community celebrations, such as Ukraine’s Independence Day (in August), Remembrance Day (in November), Ukraine's Reunification Day (in January), and all major community and historic milestones that have a significant impact on our community.

We foster a community environment based on equality, justice, tolerance, inclusiveness, and respect by working with member organizations and community members to enable them to establish their respective roles within the community.  We also help foster the ”special relationship” that Canada shares with Ukraine and ensure that new Canadians are welcomed into the community.

In addition, we work closely with the National Executive of the UCC in effectively representing the Community before the government and media on a variety of topics of concern, for example Immigration, Justice, and Multiculturalism.

The Congress can be characterized as having an effective, team-based, and professional management team, led by a broad spectrum of young leaders and core group of seasoned veterans dedicated to the further growth and prosperity of their community. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the many Board Members, volunteers, and supporters who contribute so much of their time and effort in executing a truly ambitious program on behalf of the entire community.  We are proud to be part of such a dedicated team and, as always, we look to your continued support.

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