Interview with Michael Bociurkiw: “The West either deals with Mr. Putin now on our own terms or later on his terms”

Published by UCC Toronto on Dec 21, 2022

Jars Balan: How do you explain the change in Russian war strategy following the events of early September 2022, when Ukrainians gained the initiative?

Michael Bociurkiw: Russians changed their strategy because they had done very, very badly on the front lines. Russia was just not set up against forces like Ukraine’s, with their professionalism, their determination with Western-provided weaponry, and intelligence. Therefore, Moscow went back to its well-worn playbook used in Chechnya and Syria. They resorted to very violent tactics, and among those was the use of long-range weapons that could hit as far as Lviv or Yavoriv, close to the Polish border.

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