UCC National - Shevchenko Medal

Published by UCC Toronto on Jul 18, 2023

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The Shevchenko Medal is the highest degree of recognition that can be granted by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.  It recognizes individuals, of Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian descent, groups and organizations for their outstanding National voluntary contributiontowards the development and enhancement of the Ukrainian Canadian community. 

A maximum of twelve (12) Shevchenko medals will be awarded at the UCC Triennial Congress.

Who is Eligible for the Medal? 

All Canadians – individuals, groups or organizations, who meet the criteria as stated below – are eligible to be nominated to receive the Shevchenko Medal.  

Canadian individuals, groups or organizations are eligible to be nominated for a Shevchenko Medal. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – may bestow a Shevchenko award, through means of a special recognition, for their outstanding contribution to the Ukrainian Canadian community. Posthumous nominations are ineligible except in situations where the nominee is deceased after being recommended by the jury panel.

What criteria must a candidate achieve to be eligible for a Shevchenko medal? 

Nominees must have achieved: 

five significant accomplishments these accomplishments must have had a positive effect on the Ukrainian Canadian community at a Canadian National level (local, provincial or solely Ukraine focused achievements will not be considered) achieved predominantly through volunteer efforts 


Please see the following link for more information: https://www.ucc.ca/program/shevchenko-medal-award/