Call to Action on Canadian Budget

Published by UCC Toronto on Mar 11, 2024

Call to Action

March 11, 2024. OTTAWA. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) is asking everyone to contact the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, and their Member of Parliament to make sure that Canada supports Ukraine’s victory!

Please write to Deputy Prime Minister Freeland and your Member of Parliament today!

“Canada cannot look back a year from now and wish we had done more to support Ukraine’s heroic fight for freedom. It is vital that the upcoming federal budget show that Canada supports Ukraine’s victory with weapons and ammunition,” stated Alexandra Chyczij, National President of the UCC. “Investing in Ukraine’s victory is investing in our own security – please help us ensure Canada makes these commitments!”

Canada’s 2024 commitments to delivering weapons and ammunition to Ukraine are far lower than those of allies such as Germany, France, the UK and the Netherlands, and lower than the commitments Canada made in 2022 and 2023.

Compared with our NATO allies, Canada is 25th of 30 countries in terms of defence spending as percent of GDP, dedicating only 1.38%  – despite having committed to dedicating 2% GDP. According to the US Ambassador to NATO, Canada is the the only NATO member without a plan to reach this target. 

The UCC participated in the Department of Finance’s public consultation and provided our community’s priorities for the Budget.

The UCC’s submission can be read here:

UCC Brief on Canada’s 2024 Federal Budget

The UCC called on Canada to:

1. Provide Ukraine with more air defence systems and support the delivery of combat aircraft to Ukraine.

2. Substantially increase investment in Canada’s defence sector to provide Ukraine with more weapons including long range artillery, 155 mm shells, tanks, and rockets.

3. Implement mechanisms that allow the Government to seize all frozen Russian sovereign, state, and central bank assets and provide these assets to Ukraine.

4. Support economic and energy stabilization in Ukraine.


We need your help to make sure Canada supports Ukraine’s victory! Write to Deputy Prime Minister Freeland and your MP today!

Deputy Prime Minister’s Email:

MPs emails are

You can find your MP by postal code here:



Subject: Stand With Ukraine in Budget 2024!

Dear Deputy Prime Minister Freeland and [NAME OF YOUR MP]

Ukraine’s Armed Forces are in desperate need of ammunition and weapons. In addition to the cost in Ukrainian lives – already enormously high – the allied failure to supply Ukraine is emboldening Russia.

In Federal Budget 2024, Canada can make an investment in Ukraine’s victory and in our own security from Russian aggression. I ask you to ensure that Canada:

Provides Ukraine with more air defence systems Produces more weapons and artillery and delivers them to Ukraine Freezes and seizes Russian assets and provides them to Ukraine Supports economic and energy stabilization in Ukraine

Please support democracy and liberty – Stand With Ukraine!

Thank you,